Efek N-Asetil-L- Sistein (NAC) terhadap Kadar Adma Plasma dan Ekspresi Protein Vcam-l pada Disfungsi Endotel Tikus Diabetes

Irma Santi, Budi Suprapti, Imam Susilo, Junaidi Khotib



Endothelial dysfunction is an early state of symptoms in a cardiovascular disease. An elevated oxidative stress plays a key role in the pathogenesis of macrovascular diabetic complication. The present study was design to evaluate the effect of NAC on plasma ADMA level and the expression of VCAM-1 protein on endothelial dysfunction in diabetic rats. Thirty male Sprague–Dawley rats were divided into 5 groups i.e. normal rats, diabetic rats, treatment with NAC 30 mg/kgBW, NAC 56 mg/ kgBW and NAC 100 mg/kgBW. Diabetic rats model was induced by intraperitonial administration of alloxan monohydrate at dose of 150 mg/kgBW, diabetes occurred on 3nd day after alloxan injection and then started treatment of N-acetyl-L-cystein for 28 days. ADMA plasma level was analyzed with Elisa Reader and the expression of VCAM-1 protein was evaluated by immunohistochemistry. Conclusion of this research is that treatment with NAC 30 mg/kgBW, NAC 56 mg/kgBW and NAC 100 mg/kgBW for 28 days may prevent oxidative stress indicated by the decreasing of plasma ADMA level by 45.8%: 55.75% and 65.92%, respectively and the decreasing of the expression of VCAM-1 protein on endothelial dysfunction in diabetic rat by 24%: 31.75% and 58.92%, respectively.

Key words : (NAC), Endothelial dysfunction, ADMA, VCAM-1


Disfungsi endotel merupakan tahap awal pada penyakit kardiovaskular. Peningkatan stres oksidatif berperan penting dalam patogenesis komplikasi makrovaskular pada penyakit diabetes. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi efek N-asetil sistein (NAC) dalam menurunkan kadar ADMA plasma dan ekspresi protein VCAM-1 pada disfungsi endotel tikus diabetes. 30 tikus jantan strain sprague- Dawley dibagi menjadi 5 kelompok yaitu kelompok normal, kelompok diabetes, kelompok perlakuan NAC pada dosis 30, 56 dan 100 mg/kgBB. Model tikus diabetes diperoleh dengan diinduksi aloksan monohidrat 150 mg/kgBB secara intraperitonial, kondisi diabetes terjadi pada hari ke-3 setelah induksi aloksan selanjutnya dilakukan pemberian N-asetil sistein selama 28 hari. Kadar ADMA plasma dianalisis dengan metode ELISA dan ekspresi protein VCAM-1 dianalisis secara imunohistokimia. Kesimpulan dari penelitian ini bahwa pemberian NAC pada dosis 30, 56 dan 100 mg/kgBB selama 28 hari dapat mencegah peningkatan stres oksidatif yang ditandai dengan menurunnya kadar ADMA plasma berturut-turut 45,80%; 55,75% dan 65,92% serta menurunnya ekspresi dari protein VCAM-1 pada disfungsi endotel tikus diabetes berturut-turut 24,00% ;31,75% dan 58,92%.

Kata kunci : ADMA, Endothelial dysfunction, NAC, VCAM-1


(NAC), Endothelial dysfunction, ADMA, VCAM-1


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