Kondisi Filariasis Pasca Pengobatan Massal di Kelurahan Pabean Kecamatan Pekalongan Utara Kota Pekalongan

Bondan Fajar Wahyudi, Nova Pramestuti


Pekalongan city is endemic for filariasis. Filariasis Mass Drug Administration (MDA) implemented to decrease filariasis endemicity in Pekalongan and was started in 2011, but especially the Pabean Village has started implementing in 2009. The study aimed to determine the post-filariasis MDA by measuring filariasis endemicity parameters include the distribution of patients, microfilariae rate, microfilariae density, microfilariae species and adherence of the people. A descriptive study with cross sectional design was conducted in Pabean village, Pekalongan city. Finger Blood Filariasis slide and medication status of those who had Filariasis MDA in 2011-2013 were examined. Finger Blood Filariasis slide of 519 respondents examined found 7 (Mf rate 1.35%) microfilariae positive, decreased from 2007, accounted for 3.4% and spread almost evenly throughout the village. Microfilariae density accounted for 229.02 per ml of blood and only one species of filarial worms found as Wuchereria brancrofti. Respondents who received the drug in 2011, 2012, and 2013 increased (80.02%, 90.75%, 92.68% respectively), but respondents who were taking medication decreased (63.01% 60.89%, and 55, 88% respectively). From this findings, filariasis endemicity parameters showed that filariasis MDA for 5 years have not been able to eliminate filariasis endemicity despite of the drop parameter.

Key words : filariasis, microfilariae, mass drug administration

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