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Author Guidelines


All manuscripts should be sent to the Editor of Bulletin of Health System Research through the Online Submission in this address If authors have problems while sending the manuscript online, please contact the Editor at the email

Bulletin of Health System Research involves articles by the themes of seven sub-systems of Health and Health Humanities such as : 1. Health Effort, 2. Health Research and Development, 3. Health Financing, 4. Health Human Resources, 5. Pharmacy, 6. Health Management, Information, and Regulation, 7. Community Empowerment, and, 8. Health Humanities.

Only articles which are not published yet or will not be published in other media will be accepted.

1. Requirements

Title (bahasa) 14pt, bold, max. 15-20 words, space 1, spacing after 6pt

Title (English) 14pt, bold

Author name First 1*, Second 1, Third 2 12pt, bold, spacing 11

Institution name, Address 10pt, italic, 1 spacing2

ABSTRACT 12pt, bold, spacing before 12pt, after 2pt

An abstract is a summary of writings consists of aim, method, result, conclusion, and recommendation. Emphasis of abstract writing is prior to research findings. Articles are written in both bahasa and English, no more than 250 words, Times New Roman 11pt, italic, spacing 1, spacing before 12pt, after 2pt.

Keywords: 10pt, bold Describe field of study problems and key-terms underlined study implementation. Maximum 3-5 words, separated by semicolon (;), Times New Roman 10pt, italic, spacing 1.

ABSTRACT 12pt, bold, spacing before 12pt, after 2pt, English, no more than 250 words, Times New Roman 11 pt, italic, spacing 1, spacing before 12 pt, after 2pt.

Keywords: 10pt, bold Describe field of research problems and key-terms underlined study implementation. Maximum 3-5 words, separated by semicolon (;), Times New Roman 10pt, italic, spacing 1.

INTRODUCTION 12pt, bold, spacing 1.5pt, spacing before 12pt, after 2pt

Introduction consists of background of the problems, formulation of the problems and the aim of the study, theoretical review related to problems of the study, and result’s expectation and the benefit of the study. The number of introduction pages is 2-3 long, spacing 1.5, Times New Roman 12pt.

METHOD 12pt, bold

It contains how the study works such as: study design, sample and population (target of the study), data collection technique and instrument of the study, and data analysis. Reference is cited by the unfamiliar method of the study. It is written in spacing 1.5, Times New Roman 12pt.

RESULT 12pt, bold

Result of the study is written analysis and hypothesis testing result only, no need to include data analysis process such as statistical calculation and hypothesis testing process. Tables and graphs may be used as to clarify the result of study verbally, should be commented and discussed. For qualitative study, the result shows detailed parts in the form of sub-topics related to focus of the study and categories. It is written in 1.5 space, Times New Roman 12pt.

DISCUSSION 12pt, bold

Discussion is answer the formulation of the problem and questions of the study, show how findings is got, describe result of the study meanings, how result of the study reported to solve the problems, similarities and differences between previous and current studies, and its development.

Conclusion is to describe the relationships among variables of the study. It written in 1 paragraph, not in number of points.


May be given to all persons who help the study and if any, it should be clearly explained

Reference, is formed in alphabetic by Harvard System of Referencing.


1. by one author

Samosir, O.B. 2010. Keluarga Berencana, dalam Dasar-Dasar Demografi, ed. Adetomo, S.M., Samosir, Jakarta: Salemba Empat

2. by more than one author

Prihyugiarto, T, Mudjianto, dan Marsinah. 2009. Analisis Ketidaklangsungan Pemakaian Pemakaian Kontrasepsi di Indonesia. Jakarta: Puslitbang KB dan Kesehatan Reproduksi. Badan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional (BKKBN)


Ambarita, L.P, dan Sitorus, H. 2004. Studi Kommunitas Nyamuk di Desa Sebubus (Daerah Endemis Filariasis), Sumatera Selatan Tahun 2004. Jurnal Ekologi Kesehatan, 5 (1), hal. 368-75


Maryono. 2007. Menilai Aksesibilitas Air Minum (Studi Kasus: Aksesibilitas Air Bersih bagi Masyarakat Miskin di Kota Semarang). Available at: [accessed 17 December 2013]

You may wish to make use of reference management software, such as Mendeley or Endnote or Zotero to ensure that reference lists are correctly formatted.

Click here to download Author(s) Statement of Ethics form.

Click here to download templates for manuscript

2. All Articles are not charged, both applying and or published.


Manuscripts Review Process

Each manuscript submitted will be reviewed independently by at least two reviewers . The decision for publication, change, or rejection is based on the recommendation of the reviewers. If two or more reviewers consider manuscripts submitted are not worthy to be published in this journal, will be sent a letter regarding this decision within three months from the date of submission manuscripts.

Manuscripts Revision Process

Manuscripts returned to authors for revision should be returned without delay to the editor. Revised manuscript may be sent to the editor via the Online Submission Interface ( Revised manuscript and returned late to the editors of more than three months will be considered as a new submission.

Office of Bulletin of Health System Research Editor

All correspondence sent to the address:

Bulletin of Health System Research

Center of Research and Development for Humaniora and Health Management

Ministry of Health the Republic of Indonesia

Jalan Indrapura No. 17 Surabaya 60176 Telp. (031) 3528748



Authors need to register first as a writer and / or reviewers via the address

Authors should complete the form as detailed as possible with the star marked fields must be filled. After all filled, click the Register button to register. Then the author will be brought to the Online Submission interface and click the "New Submission" button. For starting a New Manuscript Submission, follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1. Starting the Submission: Choose appropriate journal section, in this case, choose article.
  2. Step 2. Uploading the Submission: To upload a manuscript to this journal, click Browse and choose manuscript file to be sent, then click Upload button. To continue the process click Save and continue button.
  3. Step 3. Entering the Submission's Metadata: In this step, enter the metadata writers in detail. Including the manuscript title and abstract.
  4. Step 4. Uploading Supplementary Files: Additional files should be uploaded as well. Click the Browse button, select the file and click the Upload button. Click Save and continue to go to the next step.
  5. Step 5. Confirming the Submission:  The author should do final check for the manuscript that have been uploaded. To send this manuscript to Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan, click the Finish Submission.

After submitting the manuscript , the author will receive a receipt via email.

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