Pengaruh Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri L) Terhadap Patogenesis Infeksi Salmonella

Sunarno Sunarno

Pengaruh Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri L) Terhadap Patogenesis Infeksi Salmonella


Typhoid/paratyphoid disease is a major problem in Indonesia. Management of therapy including the use of immunomodulator must be developed continuously. In this case Phyllanthus niruri L is immunomodulator that has been useful to increase the animal and human immunity. The purpose of this study was to know the influence of Phyllanthus niruri L on the Salmonella infection focusing on spleen bacterial colonies. The experiment was designed with post test-only control group to 18 BabiC Mice infected by Salmonella typhimurium divided into one control group and two experimental groups which have given Phyllanthus niruri L of 3x0.125 mg/day (P1) and 3x0.25 mg/day (P2) orally. Statistical analysis was used Oneway ANOVA test. The research result showed that treatmen P1 had significant influence to decrease spleen bacterial colonies compared to control group.


Key Words: Phyllanthus niruri L, Immunomodulator, Salmonella

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