Potensi Fraksi Etil Asetat Ekstrak Daun Gambir (Uncaria gambir Roxb.) sebagai Antihiperlipidemia

Nanang Yunarto, Berna Elya, Laurentia Konadi


Hyperlipidemia is the main risk factor for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Ethyl acetate fraction of gambier leaves extract (Uncaria gambir Roxb.) contains catechin of secondary metabolites which have potency to be used as antihyperlipidemic. This study aimed to examine the antihyperlipidemic effect of ethyl acetate fraction of gambier leaves extract in vivo. Thirty six males of Sprague Dawley strain, 2,5 months old, were randomly divided into six groups: normal group, negative group (distilled water), positive group (simvastatin 2 mg/200 g bw), dose I (5 mg/200 g bw fraction), II (10 mg/200 g bw fraction) and III (20 mg/200 g bw fraction) groups. Rats were induced with high cholesterol and saturated fat feeds for 28 days, except in the normal group. Furthermore, rats were given the treatment for 28 days. The results showed when compared than negative control, dose III reduced of total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL levels and increased HDL level (p <0.05). Dose I could reduce total cholesterol and LDL levels (p<0,05), whereas dose II reduced total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels (p<0,05) but did not increase HDL levels (p>0,05). The conclusion is the ethyl acetate fraction of gambier leaves extract at 20 mg/200 g bb dose had the best antihiperlipidemic effect.


Ethyl acetate fraction; Uncaria gambir leaves; Antihyperlipidemic

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