Penggunaan Jamu pada Pasien Hiperlipidemia Berdasarkan Data Rekam Medik, di Beberapa Fasilitas Pelayanan Kesehatan di Indonesia

Retno Gitawati, Lucie Widowati, Frans Suharyanto


Hyperlipidemias are disorders which are manifested by elevation of blood lipid, such as total cholesterol and/or triglyceride above the normal level. Hyperlipidemia management is done by lifestyle modification (high-fiber diet, exercises) as well as using antidyslipidemias. On the other hand, non-conventional or traditional treatment of hyperlipidemias using herbals (jamu) is becoming ubiquitous, performed by jamu practitioner clinician (dokter praktik jamu). This study is a part of a web-site Jamu Registry Study, which is intended to figure herbal (jamu) dispensed by jamu practitioner clinician for hyperlipidemic patients. A descriptive, cross-sectional design is applied, using medical record data of ‘jamu’ patients from some health facilities, in 7 provinces in Indonesia. Results showed, out of 97 hyperlipidemic patients were mostly female (60.8%), aged 48-58 years (46.4%); most of them (62.9%) were treated merely with jamu for 1 – 2 weeks, and the rests were treated with jamu in combination with conventional and/or other alternative medication. The most jamu used were branded herbal capsules (55.7%) containing of Guazumae folium and Murrayae folium. Adverse events were reported in four cases i.e. diarrhea and diuresis.


Hyperlipidemia; Jamu; Guazumae folium; Murrayae folium

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