Review Artikel Mengenal Lebih "Dalam" Schistosomiasis Peran Genome Schistosoma japonicum dalam Interaksi Inang dan Parasit

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Review Artikel Mengenal Lebih "Dalam" Schistosomiasis Peran Genome Schistosoma japonicum dalam Interaksi Inang dan Parasit


In this review is described a draft genomic sequence for the worm. The genome provides a global insight into the moleculer architecture and host interaction of this complex metazoan pathogen, revealing that it can exploit host nutrients, neuroendocrine hormones and signalling pathways for growth, development and maturation. having a complex nervous system and a well-developed sensory system, S. japonicum can accept stimulation of the corresponding ligands as a physiological response to different environments, such as fresh water or the tissue of its intermediate and mammalian hosts. Numerous proteases, including cercarial elastase, are implicated in mammalian skin penetration and haemoglobinn degradation. The genomic information will serve as s valuable platform to facilitate development of new intervention for schistosomiasis control.


genome, schistosoma japonicum, host, parasites


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