Permasalahan Informed Consent Penelitian Kesehatan

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Permasalahan Informed Consent Penelitian Kesehatan


Informed consent is consent given by research subjects after he obtained the information completely. One ofthe most important problems is the lack ofunderstanding of the subject of the content of the informed consent  form  caused by the use of inappropriate standards and language that is not easily understood. Thus the existence of this paper is expected to minimize errors due to informed consent of research through literature search sourced  either from the study materials, books, journals, magazines and the Internet.

Formulation of an appropriate informed consent refers to the Nuremberg standard code (1947), Declaration of Helsinki (1964, revised 2002, 2004, and 2008) and research ethics in each country. With the appropriate standard form and simple language, the subject will be easier to understand and is upected to provide a rational agreement andwithout coercion.


Informed consent form, understanding, health research


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