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How to download YouTube videos to your Android phone

YouTube video sharing site does not allow users to download videos. Therefore, when you want to download video YouTube, users need to know the individual tips. Not only at the computer but on the Android Smartphone as Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, HTC ... also has the trick to download YouTube Videos to the fastest Android phone.

When you like a Youtube video, users instead of Internet access to watch videos can be downloaded to the phone. Of course, as we all know Youtube has no Download button, nor does it support users to download Youtube videos. So how do you want to download Youtube video? There are still tips to help users downloader videos youtube, even YouTube videos to Android phones. Detailed YouTube download instructions for Android phones will be covered in the article below.How to download YouTube videos to your Android phone:

Step 1: On the Android phone, users do not use the Youtube app to listen to music using a web browser. It could be Google Chrome, UC Browser, or Firefox.Press open web browser.

Step 2: In the web interface, go to and select the video you want to download YouTube video to your Android phone.

Step 3: To download YouTube videos to your Android phone, check out Please change. Make sure you have a addressThen click Start to reload the website.

Step 4: Then click the Download button, depending on the language that the word Download will be displayed differently. Users just need to know that is the green button next to 720p MP4 video quality

Immediately downloading YouTube videos to Android phone will take place. Depending on the speed of your WiFi network, the video will be downloaded to your device quickly or slowly.

Finally, you can press open video to review immediately. Or go to the Download section of the phone to watch the video.It's easy to download YouTube Videos to your Android phone right. This trick not only helps users to download YouTube videos to the Android phone, but also to download the computer, iPhone, iPad and other devices using the web browser.

IPhone users, iPad can also download YouTube videos to the phone easily. That is how to download video on iPhone, iPad with the support software. You can easily download videos on iPhone, iPad with Youtube videos or any website. You can refer to the way to download videos on iPhone, iPad with the support software to use when necessary. Here are the tips to support Youtube video download to Android, iPhone, iPad you need to know. To better understand how to do on the iPhone, iPad, you refer to how to download Youtube videos on the iPhone here. Good luck.

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P-ISSN : 2085-868X

EISSN  : 2354 - 8789

Published by Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Vektor dan Reservoir Penyakit Salatiga

Jl. Hasanudin No.123 Salatiga

Vektora : Jurnal Vektor dan Reservoir Penyakit Indexed By

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Jurnal Kefarmasian Indonesia

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p-ISSN: 2085-675X

e-ISSN: 2354-8770

Jurnal Kefarmasian Indonesia is a scientific journal published by the Center for Research and Development of Biomedical and Basic Health Technology, Board of Health Research and Development, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. The journal publishes original research articles in pharmaceutical science such as Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Traditional Medicines, and Pharmaceutical Care.

The journal was established in 2009 while online publication has been started from 2015. The journal is published in Bahasa Indonesia and English.  Jurnal Kefarmasian Indonesia is biannual, open access, peer-reviewed, and online pharmacy journal. Jurnal Kefarmasian Indonesia aims to serve the updated scientific knowledge for researchers in pharmaceutical fields. There is no charge for submitted manuscript as well as for processing manuscript. The journal has been registered with e-ISSN 2354-8770, and p-ISSN 2085-675X and accredited by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) with Decree No. 581/Akred/P2MI/LIPI/09/2014.

Jurnal Kefarmasian Indonesia has been indexed by DOAJIndonesian Scientific Journal DatabaseIndonesian Publication IndexBielefeld Academic Search Engine;Open Academic Journal IndexGoogle ScholarPortal Garuda

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EISSN: 2354 - 8770

Published by Center for Research and Development of Biomedical and Basic Health Technology

Jl. Percetakan Negara No. 23 Jakarta Pusat 10560

Crossref Google Scholar Directory of Open Access Journals Direktori IPI Bielefeld OAJI



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