Pengetahuan, Sikap dan Tindakan Masyarakat pada Peningkatan Kasus Malaria di Kabupaten Purworejo Tahun 2015

Wiwik Trapsilowati


There has been increased of malaria cases in Purworejo District, especially in Sendangsari Village, Bener District in 2015. The one influence factors of malaria transmission was behavior, it consist of knowledge, attitude and practice domains. The aims this study was described of the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the community and conduct interventions related to survey results. The research method were cross-sectional to collect data of the knowledge, attitudes and practices and one group pretest posttest design to measure the intervention. The number of samples obtained as many as 90 respondents. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between education and knowledge, as well as knowledge with attitude (p < 0.05). While variables relationship of knowledge with practice/action and attitude with practice/action showed an insignificant (p > 0,05). The result of the intervention by direct information showed that knowledge of the respondents between before and after intervention has increased significantly (p < 0,05). Based on these results, it was necessary to encourage local community leaders, both formal and non-formal, for cooperate with the community to protecting themselves and their environment so as not to be potential transmission of malaria.


increasing, malaria, knowledge, attitude, practice

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