Perilaku Bertelur Nyamuk Aedes aegypti pada Media Air Tercemar

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Perilaku Bertelur Nyamuk Aedes aegypti pada Media Air Tercemar


The theory is believed that the mosquito Aedes aegypti does not like laying in a pool of contaminated water. However, some studies indicate a change in behavior of these mosquitoes breed. Authors conducted follow-up analysis of a descriptive study to determine whether the mosquito Aedes aegypti willing to lay their eggs in different media polluted water and polluted water knows that most preferably Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to lay eggs. Advanced analysis of R & D performed in Loka P2B2 Baturaja with the type of non-intervention and observational studies using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Duncan test. Software used SAS 9.1. Analysis of variance showed that different types of water media have a real influence on the preference of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes lay their eggs on the 5% significance level with p-value of <0.0001. Cow manure contaminated water is the most preferred medium of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Keywords: medium water, eggs, Aedes aegypty, analysis of variance



Teori yang ada meyakini bahwa nyamuk Aedes aegypti tidak suka bertelur di genangan air tercemar. Namun beberapa penelitian menunjukkan adanya perubahan perilaku berkembang biak nyamuk tersebut. Penulis melakukan analisis lanjutan dari penelitian deskriptif dengan untuk mengetahui apakah nyamuk Aedes aegypti mau bertelur di berbagai media air tercemar dan mengetahui air tercemar yang paling disukai nyamuk Aedes aegypti untuk bertelur. Analisis lanjut dilakukan di Loka Litbang P2B2 Baturaja dengan jenis penelitian observasi non intervensi dan menggunakan analysis of varians (ANOVA) serta uji lanjut Duncan. Software yang digunakan SAS 9.1. Analysis of varians menunjukkan bahwa berbagai jenis media air memiliki pengaruh yang nyata terhadap kesukaan bertelur nyamuk Aedes aegypti pada taraf nyata 5% dengan nilai-p sebesar < 0.0001. Air yang tercemar kotoran sapi merupakan media yang paling disukai nyamuk Aedes aegypti meletakkan telurnya.

Kata Kunci: media air, telur, Aedes aegypty, analysis of varians


media air, telur, Aedes aegypty, analysis of varians

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