Studi Kesesuaian Sumber Daya dengan Pelayanan Kesehatan Tradisional Rumah Sakit Pemerintah di Provinsi DI Yogyakarta, Jawa Tengah dan Jawa Timur

Suharmiati Suharmiati, Lestari Handayani, Lulut Kusumawati, Tri Juni Angkasawati


Traditional health services (THS) in hospitals are expected to support conventional services formally applied in Indonesia. Nonetheless, until now there is no known information about the suitability of the existing THS resources. This research was conducted to analyze the suitability of resources for the means of how it is done, with descriptive method, cross sectional design. The sample was determined purposively by 1 (one) government hospital every regency/city that provide more than one traditional health service and operated before or since 2014. The research subject was 2 informants every hospital consisting of unit head of traditional health services and administration staff. The results showed that most THS types were licensed, have SOPs and have appropriate resources. The existing human resources are equally good in the THS of the herb as well as the skill unit with the tools that consist of both trained and untrained physicians, diploma of traditional healers, diploma ofnursing, and or high school graduates, but none of the traditional healh service units have pharmacists. Types of Standard Herbal Medicines is obtained from herbal medicine and pharmaceutical industry although in some other units also available herbs and phytopharmaca. There is a suitability of resources and treatment at the tradisional health service in hospitals


Hospital;Traditional health services;Resources

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