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Background. Iodine micronutrients are required by the body to generate thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone deficiency can cause hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is produced by the thyroid gland, which the function of the thyroid can be perceived in the levels of TSH and free T4, while iodine status can be appreciated from the iodine content of serum, iodine content of urine and thyroglobulin levels. The aim of this study was to describe the relationship between iodine serum level with thyroid function and iodine status on women of childbearing age with the risk of hypothyroid Method. This was cross sectional study in Purworejo district with a sample of women of childbearing aged 15-45 years with high levels of TSH> 2.5 μIU /mL. The sample size of this study were 88 people. Indicators quantified were the levels of TSH, free T4, iodine serum thyroglobulin levels and urinary iodine concentration (UIE). FreeT4 and TSH and thyroglobulin were measured by ELISA, while iodine serum and UIE were gauged by spectrophotometer method. Results. This study shows the average level of TSH 3.83 μIU / mL±1.5 FreeT4 levels of 1.33 ng / dL 0.25; thyroglobulin levels of 1.20 ng /mL ±0.41; serum iodine content 75.25 μg /L± 41.71 as well as the iodine substance of urine 96.14 μg / L± 65.04. UIE level of was less than 100 μg/L at 64.8%. There was a significant correlation between serum thyroglobulin with the iodine content with a correlation coefficient of 0.352 and p <0.05. Conclusion. For women of childbearing age with the risk of hypothyroidism had a urinary iodine concentration (UIE) less than the normal of 64.8% (problematic IDD) and there was a positive significant correlation between serum levels of iodine with thyroglobulin.


free T4, iodine serum, thyroglobulin, TSH, UIE


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